Nick Bisesi

“The maturity of his playing and writing is remarkable.”
- David Liebman

“Nick can play! The man knows! And then he has his OWN style. It's just happening!”
- Ramsey Lewis

“Gemini exudes a sense of energy and freshness… thoroughly engaging and highly listenable.”
- All About Jazz

Bisesi is not your typical musician. In high school, at an age when most aspiring youngsters are just learning the blues scale, Bisesi was opening his ears and sharpening his technique with Joe Daley, a key player in the 60’s avant garde movement. He attended De Paul University on scholarship, supplementing his music education in Chicago nightclubs where he played everything from rock to pop, R&B, classical, reggae, Latin, and ballroom music.

This experience polished him into an exceptionally flexible musician. Bisesi is as comfortable pumping out a syncopated ska beat as he is whipping through a complex post-bop turnaround. After cutting his teeth in Chicago, Bisesi hit the road, playing with the likes of Ray Charles, The Temptations, Nancy Wilson, Liquid Soul, Lou Rawls and Johnny Mathis.

He then went to New York, where the National Endowment for the Arts awarded him a grant to study with world acclaimed saxophonist David Liebman. Impressed with his sound, Liebman produced Bisesi’s first CD, Free Time. After six years of honing his skills in NYC, and becoming a regular presence at The Knitting Factory, Bisesi returned to Chicago and recorded with Ramsey Lewis and his “Urban Knights”. Currently, the sax man can be found performing at the Hothouse, Jazz Showcase and other well known Chicago venues.

Nick’s new CD, Gemini, reflects his varied background and inspiring scope, while treating listeners to a truly unique voice and sensibility. The originality, spontaneity, and sheer unpredictability of his compositions and improvisations show that Bisesi has truly come into his own.