Kevin Conlon

The Groove Rebellion is a San Francisco based ensemble led by bassist, vocalist and composer Kevin Conlon.

Their performances straddle the cross section between straight ahead jazz and blues with the focus of keeping a groove in the fore front with audiences snapping their fingers and tapping their feet.

One has to only think of the vocal stylings of Oscar Brown Jr., Mark Murphy and Mose Allison mixed with a classic instrumental ensemble approach encompassing straight ahead and funky jazz.

Kevin is a San Francisco based musician/composer with experience across multiple genres. Born and raised in Chicago, Kevin took in all of the jazz and blues sounds the city had to offer.

These have melded together into his compositional focus encompassing straight ahead swing to in the pocket blues and funky jazz. Lyrically, the beat of city life continues as the main thread through his tunes with a contemporary take on relationships and daily life.

Kevin recently recorded this Blujazz release "In Transit" with core members of the Groove Rebellion working group along with a handful of talented guest artists.

In Transit is an album of all original compositions both instrumental and vocal.

The CD represents the basic essence of the Groove Rebellion doing their thing: laying down a groove across the genre known as Jazz.