Jean Luc Fillon

"Do not listen to Jean -Luc Fillon thinking he plays an instrument rarely used in jazz. He did not need this kind of " indulgence ", his talent as a composer and improviser quickly forget the instrument…it is certain that Jean -Luc Fillon knows what he's talking about and he has mastered all the essential aspects of jazz music , not to mention his instrumental technique above supicion.”
- Pianist Martial Solal

Jean-Luc Fillon is a French oboist, English Horn player, double bass player, electric bass player, orchestra conductor and composer. He has chosen a remarkable unique path by blending two music worlds, classical and jazz, utilizing a unique instrument, the oboe. This CD, being promoted in the US through Blujazz, is the latest of five CDs showcasing his blending of jazz and classical music, his technique and beautiful phrasing, and his arrangments and compositions.

He has worked with: Patrice Caratini, Antoine Hervé, Claude Barthélémy, Georges Rabol, Bob Mintzer, Glenn Ferris, Michele Hendricks, Nguyen Lee, Jean-Marc Padovani, Lauren Newton, Pierre Blanchard, Olivier Ker Ourio, Michel Bénita, Jean-Jacques Avenel, Tony Rabeson, Michael Ferlberbaum, Karl Jannuska, Jarrod Cagwin, João Paulo, Didier Ithurssary, Bruno Rousselet, Fawzy Al Aiedy, Adel Shams El-Din, Michael Rabinowitz, Paul Hanson. Recently, he presented his composition "Hautbois Nomade" (Nomadic Oboe) as soloist with the National Orchestra of Ile-de-France and his trio "Oboa". He has toured in the United States, Germany, Switzerland, England and Portugal.

Jean-Luc has been the laureate of the San Sebastian chamber music international competition and studied improvisation and composition at the Centre d’informations musicales (Jazz and Contemporary music in Paris). He was the oboe soloist in the European Symphonic Orchestra. He conducted the Jazzogène Orchestra with which he recorded several CDs and played as a soloist with Antoine Hervé, Lauren Newton, Claudio Pontiggia and Franck Tortillier. It was his first main jazz experience. He went on tour in many festivals and Parisian jazz clubs with this orchestra. He created the Coyoakan trio (trio world jazz) and the Alborada sextuor (world music). In 1998 during a tour, Bob Mintzer was charmed by Fillon's oboe tone and encouraged Jean-Luc Fillon to develop a systematic work on the oboe and English horn improvisation. Mintzer composed for him a piece called French Suite.

Jean-Luc Fillon then began writing numerous compositions in order to introduce the oboe and English horn’s originality with in improvisation. Several were selected for the Paolo Damiani National Jazz Orchestra and recording of several radio broadcasts on France Musiques. He was also named Jazz teacher at the national academy of Cergy-Pontoise.

Jean Luc created the "De L'air quartet" with Carole Hémard, Yves Torchinsky et Xavier Dessandre, and recorded "Flea Market". He created Privé de Désert in the frame of the Les Mureaux jazz festival "Ca Va Jazzer". He recorded a new album (Echoes Of Ellington) on Ellington tunes in order to pay tribute to this great musician and give a new perspective on his works.