The Mike Frost Project

"A very tight, well-oiled machine... a hip, swinging outfit"
- All About Jazz, LA, Bay Area, Chicago

"The ensemble is definitely in the pocket...pulling out all the soulful stops..."
- Paula Edelstein, AMG

"...cast a spell with a combination of great original writing and reverent presence. The result is universal appeal."
- Gregory J. Robb, Jazz Improv magazine

"..veteran Windy City jazz pundits were ambushed."
- Jazz critic Mark Ruffin, Listen Here Radio and Chicago Magazine

When the Mike Frost Project burst on the Chicago scene in 2004 with their appropriately titled album, Nothing Smooth About It, veteran Windy City jazz pundits were ambushed. On record, the sextet seemingly arrived fully developed and no one knew much about them, particularly the two brothers who anchor the group.

Then once they hit the streets, the MFP proved that no studio tricks were needed. The grooves were in all the right places and the beat was bopping at the exact right time. All solos were righteous and soulful and the instrumentalists blowing harder than the city’s famous wintry hawk. They were so good, so authentic, so out-of-the-blue that a science-fiction jazz tale a la H.G. Wells’ time machine seemed plausible. It’s no wonder that shortly after their debut release, the group landed a much sought after regular night at the downtown jazz club Andy’s.

What really makes the engine that is the Mike Frost Project roar is a fact that can’t be ascertained from the foot tapping music on these 12 tracks, and that is the savvy business acumen of the leader. He not only drives hard on his horn but pushes this band and other organizations that he leads with a sense of commerce that keeps the rent paid.

MFP has given Chicago a prized organ combo that has the potential to rival the critical and commercial acclaim Soulive, Organissimo and the Philly Soul/Jazz Organ Combo has received in from their respective B-3 capitals of Buffalo, Detroit and Philadelphia. The main difference is that while those other groups are adding modern techniques to arguably dilute the art form, the Mike Frost Project have gone back to the future to create 21st century music with that classic 20th century groove. They’re Comin’ Straight At Ya’ and it’s not science fiction.