Aaron McEvers

"I really like your use of guitar. It adds a nice "Darcy James Argue vibe" to your work.. I applaud the direction you are going as well. I believe that we need more of this kind of stuff to engage the public and then perhaps being them on board with jazz in general. Your band can play an important roll in that process in Chicago as the market for our art continues to morph and develop."
Steve Wiest

(Composer/Arranger, Director of the One O'Clock Jazz Band at North Texas State Univ.

"Aaron and his group M13 are pushing the large ensemble repertoire forward and most importantly, showing that great music is being created outside of NYC"
- Ben Wendell (Knee body)

M13 is a Chicago based, 13pc ensemble playing original compositions and arrangements by saxophonist/bandleader Aaron McEvers. Featuring many of the city’s finest professional musicians, the band has garnered attention and acclaim through Chicago Public Radio’s 848 show and CL-TV’s popular “Metromix” show for its originality and freshness. They've been honing their sound since 2004.

Though the band has jazz at its core, it repertoire ranges from Billy Strayhorn to Bjork to Rage Against the Machine, all within arrangements that are entirely unique. The band’s interpretations unapologetically incorporate any and all musical styles. Original compositions are programmatic, evoking a sense of storytelling through melody driven arcs and expert improvisation. Sometimes subtle and delicate, other times face-meltingly aggressive, their music and musicianship has set them apart, establishing a powerful style of their own.

Originally from Detroit, composer and bandleader Aaron McEvers moved to Chicago after earning degrees from Western Michigan University and the prestigious Eastman School of Music. In Chicago he worked to assemble the 12 other members of his band, purposefully drawing from different music “scenes”, taking advantage of the rich sonic landscape of the city.

Aaron spent 7 years as a staff arranger for Carnival Cruise Lines, currently writes commercial music for T.V. spots (through producers John Ovnik and Catfish Music) and continues to write for other organizations and individual performers in Chicago and abroad.

Several of his horn arrangements can also be heard in the 2011 feature film “Hoodwinked Too”, where he can also be heard on the soundtrack. He teaches music theory, saxophone and jazz classes at The Merit School of Music.