Ben Scholz

Original jazz fusion, funk, and rock featuring guitar sensation Oz Noy and an all-star cast of Chicago based studio musicians

While most bands seem to exist as self-sustaining music creating machines, The Elec Tet has favored a more "collective" approach to the creative process. Originally conceived as a tribute project, Chicago based drummer Ben Scholz has morphed the group into a proving ground for new material in both live and studio situations.  Not all ideas stand the performance test, but the ones that do are still subject to the rigors of studio production and editing.

The debut album "Shiny Metal Objects" is the result of many months of trial and error by some of the top performing musicians in the country. 

Says drummer/producer Ben Scholz - "We were lucky enough to have the chance to bring guitarist Oz Noy in to overdub on five songs for 'Shiny Metal Objects'. His contribution as a guest artist set the standard for what we hoped to accomplish.  In my mind, his ability to create in the studio is on par with guitar legends such as Scofield, Stern, Metheny, even Hendrix."

Shiny Metal Objects is the culmination of nearly two years of work. Originally conceived as a 70's fusion "tribute" band, Ben formed The ElecTet as an outlet to perform the classic jazz-fusion material he had known and loved as a young musician.

With core members Greg Spero, James Davis and Alex Beltran actively contributing original repertoire, the band slowly evolved from its throwback roots into a testing ground f or new compositions.

During the summer of 2013 Ben was living in Brooklyn and had the opportunity to meet bassist Daniel Ori. Daniel had recently released his album "Emuna" on the Blujazz label and I was captivated by the use of middle eastern rhythms and melodies in his music.

At the same time,Ben had been pursuing Oz Noy as a guest artist for this project.  Oz had done some wonderful work with Daniel in the past and with their commitment secured, he began to slowly assemble the puzzle that has resulted in the music on this CD.