Greg Spero

“Herein, he has mastered the subtle art of complex simplicity. Again I cannot imagine how he is going to surpass this release. Instead I’ll just choose to settle in and listen again-and again."
- Robert Irving III, Miles Davis Music Dir and Collaborator

Greg Spero, a Chicago based pianist/composer, studied Jazz Piano and Composition at University of Illinois in Champaign/Urbana where he received his BA in Music Composition and Jazz Piano Performance working with Chip Stephens, Chip McNeill (saxophone/chair of jazz dept, Univ of Illinois), and Joan Hickey.

He has written the music for several plays including the Chicago Feltre Theater’s performances of Ionesco’s “Exit the King” and two Tennessee Williams one-acts.

He has composed music for films such as Joe Burgess’ “The Perfect Breakup”, and produces R&B/Hip-Hop for New-York singer Guia Cuyugan. He produced two songs for James Garfunkel, entitled “My Girl Now” and “Someone Like You”.

His recording on Frank Catalano’s Mighty Burner album debuted at #11 on the Jazz Billboard Charts, and after 20 weeks on the Billboards became a best-selling jazz album for 2006.

He currently performs regularly throughout the world with various Spero projects. In Chicago he is a regular at top jazz venues like the Green Mill and Andy’s Jazz Club. He also works and records with internationally recognized Chicago based artists Cory Wilkes, Marlene Rosenberg, and Harrison Bankhead.

While Greg’s history is steeped in the main traditions of jazz, he also has become a major player in the jazz underground scene performing at major venues featuring cutting edge creative music. Greg’s influences range from Oscar Peterson to Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock, to Stravinsky and Schoenberg.

He draws influence from american-born jazz and world dance music, but finds great inspiration in the hardcore head-banging western electric distortion, along with the heavy-hitting groove-based hip-hop rhythms.