Here is a quick summary of how Blujazz works.  We can be a buffet of services for artists and labels or  you can use the Blujazz label for everything to hang your hat on without giving up your intellectual property.  We don’t license but charge a one-time fee to cover labor and expenses. You can check our site out to see all of the releases, artists, and labels that we have at

Our main paradigm is that we do not license or take control of a artist’s  music and product.  An artist/label can be on the Blujazz Label or they can utilize the services that fit their needs.  We ask for  finished product and we charge a one-time fee for labor and expenses.  For the artist they do not have to buy back CDs of their own music to sell off stage. We do radio, press, distro both physical and digital, design services, provide booking data,  and for select artists booking.

We promote for several months and as long as the artist wants to be with us we continue to help when opportunities come up. We regularly chart our artists on US/Canadian Radio and we get our fair share of reviews and articles in the major jazz trades like Down Beat, Jazz Times and All About Jazz. Blujazz has now expanded into Europe and Asia.


Blujazz Label and Promotions:

Greg Pasenko

Phone: 773-477-6872

Blujazz Label and Promotions:

• National Radio Promotion
• Two months
• Top level - 225 chart reporting stations in US and Canada
• We do mailings  
• Weekly calls and emails to Music Dirs and Programmers
• Weekly updates and bi-monthly full reports
• National Press Promotion
• Press is a process, initial press releases, follow up, but while some action comes immediately much takes months so Blujazz continues to solicit and monitor
• We do mailings
• Top Level – 75 to 125 major trades, blogs, websites, and critics who vote in polls
• US Distribution
• Physical and/or Digital
• We only start with 25 CDs and ask for more if action happens. Wholesale price is $8, Blujazz takes $4 and artist gets $4
• You get paid once per quarter for sales if action happens
• US and Canada Club Databases – If you request we can give to you
• US Fest Databases -  If you request we can give
• Blujazz Website artist page, news announcements, etc
• Advertising in major rags at our pace or cooping if artist has a specific reason
• On-going support as opportunities come about
• We only promote 2 or 3 artists at any one time,  where individual radio and press promoters each cost  per area as much as our one fee and promote 5 to 10 CDs at once.
• No Licensing, only a one-time fee – depending on the scope of promotion the fee is somewhere between $1,800 and $3,500 – you are required to give us the amount of CDs to promote in the scope and we pay for mailing to radio and press – Top Level is approx.. 300 CDs
• No Licensing (we do not tie up your property)
• We also can help in design of CD and manufacturing set up if needed
• Also for small fees we on a selective basis help a artist find a gig in a certain area or city and promote it.

In short, we do everything a traditional label does except we do not own your product that you paid for and you don’t have to buy back your CDs to sell off gigs.